VOZOL Neon 10000: A Giant Leap in Compact Disposable Vapes


VOZOL, the pioneer in the vaping market, is proud to announce the launch of its trailblazing invention – the Neon 10000. This compact disposable vape not only boasts an impressive puff capacity but also features a transparent design, setting a new benchmark for convenience, satisfaction, and visibility in your vaping journey.

As the latest expansion of the VOZOL Neon series, the Neon 10000 ascends beyond its predecessors, such as the Neon 800. This robust device holds 10ml of e-liquid, empowering users with an astonishing 10,000 puffs, and clinching the title as the world's most compact disposable vape to offer such a considerable puff count, a notable accolade from VOZOL.

But the Neon 10000 doesn’t just excel in size and power. It triumphs in design and technological innovation too. Featuring a see-through liquid tank, this device eliminates the uncertainties of e-liquid levels and coil conditions, allowing users to visibly track their consumption and coil status, thus planning their usage with confidence.   

Monitoring is further simplified with an integrated LED battery display, which reveals the battery level in real-time. A simple shake of the device – thanks to its advanced motion-sensing technology – provides users with an immediate update of their battery status. Moreover, convenience reaches its peak with the Neon 10000's USB Type-C charging port, facilitating a full charge in a remarkably swift 45 seconds, outpacing traditional e-cigarettes by 30%.

VOZOL's Neon 10000 also takes pride in its revolutionary atomization structure, a significant leap from traditional liquid storage cotton structures. This advancement notably reduces the dreaded occurrence of burnt coils, ensuring a consistently pure and tantalizing flavor all through the pod's lifespan.

The heart of the Neon 10000's flavor excellence lies in its cutting-edge 5th-gen ceramic coil. This coil excels in e-liquid absorption and vaporization, promising that each drop is fully atomized. When compared to regular cotton coils, the liquid utilization rate spikes by 50%, enhancing atomization efficiency and guaranteeing a more reliable and enduring vaping experience.

With an array of flavors to select from – fruit, beverage, candy, mint, and others – the Neon 10000 caters to diverse palates and moods. These flavors, composed of premium ingredients, are meticulously crafted to ensure a rich and gratifying taste.

The Neon 10000 is the epitome of user-friendly design. There's no need for refills or coil replacements; the pod comes ready with e-liquid and a pre-installed coil. Users can simply connect the pod to the battery and embark on their vaping adventure. Furthermore, the disposable pod stands out for its environmental friendliness, being fashioned from biodegradable materials.   

This product embodies VOZOL's dedication to innovation and outstanding vaping technology. The Neon 10000 harmoniously blends aesthetics with performance, enriching the vaping experience and user convenience. It stands as a symbol of VOZOL's unwavering allegiance to quality and flavor, fulfilling user desires and surpassing expectations.

The vozol neon 10k puff is available on the VOZOL wholesale website. Users can also find more information about the product and other VOZOL products on the VOZO WHOLESALE page. Users can also contact the VOZOL customer service for any inquiries or feedback.   

Heading into 2024, the Neon 10000 is set to take the market by storm. It presents an unparalleled option for those seeking a disposable vape that doesn't compromise on puff capacity, design transparency, or flavor superiority. Don't miss your chance to experience the VOZOL Neon 10000 – a compact disposable vape that redefines sophistication and simplicity.

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